Lockdown work
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As Easter has rolled around again with the country in lock down getting out and about isn’t an option. This means I’ve some time to do some more work on BELa. The main remaining issues are the binding rear brakes and the lumpy running from extended lay-up and short runs.

Update on BELa
Reading time: 2 min

Having finally finished training for a new career as a teacher, I suddenly found myself with an abundance of spare time. I figured this would be the best chance I’d get to try and make some progress on the car which hasn’t seen much action since returning from the welders in September of last year.

159 seats
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Whilst spending most of the time working on BELa I have managed to get a few odd jobs completed on HaLO in between. I have swapped over the tired looking front bumper with partially missing rubbing strip for my ebay bargain find and whilst doing this, also mounted the fog-lights to the bumper mounts, raising them slightly from the naff brackets bolted to the valence by a previous owner and replaced the battery and alternator regulator after it toasted a battery at 17 volts, even with halogens and all electrics on!

A few jobs and a scavenger hunt
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What with still being busy training and what not, substantial car works have been slowed however with the Cheshire, Staffs and Shrops Triumph group Scatter Rally over the weekend, I decided to do a few small jobs to get HaLO is a good state for a days driving. Alongside this with some time to spare, I was finally able to get some newly restored wood work fitted. I had a scrappy set of door caps knocking around and a chap at the group had offered a few of us to restore some sets with the original technique and I have to say that they do look fantastic and set off the interior just nicely.

Complicated rescue mission
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Its been a busy few months and training for a new career has meant that I haven’t really had time to do any real work on BELa. Unfortunately however the garage in Northampton where HaLO has been living for the past year or so is due to be demolished meaning that she will need bringing back home. This seemed a pretty straightforward task, train to Northampton with a handful of tools, check fluids etc, give her a run around town and then drive her home. If only…