Lockdown work

As Easter has rolled around again with the country in lock down getting out and about isn’t an option. This means I’ve some time to do some more work on BELa. The main remaining issues are the binding rear brakes and the lumpy running from extended lay-up and short runs.

Starting with the engine, I checked and corrected the valve clearances which were mostly all closed up, adjusted the plug gaps, dropped some redex into the cylinders to brake down any deposits, for 24 hours, drained the oil and threw in some more, let the engine run a little while, already sound betting and finished off with a compression test which looked reasonable and within acceptable variance. Whilst the rocker cover was off, I also gave it a quick rub down and dusting over with some fresh paint just to freshen it up a little.

With the engine sounding somewhat happier I moved onto looking at the rear brakes. Once the wheels and drums were off, the issue was painfully clear. On the OS wheel cylinder one of the pistons was seized solid forcing the other out, and thus applying one of the shoes almost constantly. The same was true of the passenger side, so with a pair of new cylinder fitted, the car now moves a lot more freely again.

Whilst the tail was in the air for the brakes I quickly dived underneath to have an inspection of the axle. Everything looked fine except for the fact that the diff was full of gunge and the breather was blocked. I duly unblocked the breather, pumped the old fluids out and refilled it with some fresh new hypoid oil.

At the moment, it is looking hopeful that by the end of lock down the car will be in a fit state to take out for a shakedown and to see a few friends for the last bits of welding and a tune up. Fingers crossed.