Project HaLO

1975 Triumph 2000 MK2 facelift
British Racing Green

6 cylinder (1998cc)
Manual with overdrive

My dad first bought the car back in 2004. After a few years due to health issues, I traded Dad my Automatic 2000 (BEL) in return for this one

Upgrade and Mods List (In rough chronological order)
Spin-on oil filter adapter,
Aldon Flamethrower coil and Ignitor combination,
Halogen headlights with relay system.
Stainless steel semi-sport exhaust system,
Red Rotor Arm (Hardly a mod or an upgrade but a simple change that solved many issues!)
Triumph Stag/2.5 5-spoke alloys,
Alfa Romeo 156 Momo front seats,
Triumph Stag front brake conversion,
Stainless braided brake pipes,
Lucas FT8 foglights.

Future plans and possible upgrades
Stag rear brakes (possibly),
New springs and shocks,
Poly bushes all round,
Power steering,
HS6 carbs,
631 Manifold.

  • 159 seats
    Whilst spending most of the time working on BELa I have managed to get a few odd jobs completed on HaLO in between. I have swapped over the tired looking front bumper...
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  • New Seats – Part 2
    As mentioned in Part One. The rails of the Alfa Momo seats are 14.5″ apart whilst the Triumph rails are 15″ apart. Couple that with the bolt holes not lining up, seat...