A few jobs and a scavenger hunt

What with still being busy training and what not, substantial car works have been slowed however with the Cheshire, Staffs and Shrops Triumph group Scatter Rally over the weekend, I decided to do a few small jobs to get HaLO is a good state for a days driving. Alongside this with some time to spare, I was finally able to get some newly restored wood work fitted. I had a scrappy set of door caps knocking around and a chap at the group had offered a few of us to restore some sets with the original technique and I have to say that they do look fantastic and set off the interior just nicely.
As for the Scatter Rally, that was also a fantastic day well organised by Bruce. With about 15 Triumphs competing in the scavenger hunt, it was a slight to see varying models darting around the local countryside running about trying to find bits and pieces or snap photos of their cars at certain places. The day was finished off with a decent meal and awards ceremony, rounded out nicely by me winning a little trophy for the racing start challenge (though I do feel I probably did have an unfair advantage in this one given the “experience” of the other gents competing.)