Update on BELa

Having finally finished training for a new career as a teacher, I suddenly found myself with an abundance of spare time. I figured this would be the best chance I’d get to try and make some progress on the car which hasn’t seen much action since returning from the welders in September of last year.
Over the past few months I have been able to consolidate the family Triumph spares and also managed to grab some bargains to help keep the budget down. Some eBay highlights include a facelift front bumper with strip for £10 (for HaLO), a dash with woods and gauges for 99p and a set of alloys for £20.

For the sake of garage space I decided that refitting the interior would be the first task. As the dashboard was cracked and the heater controls weren’t working I started here, replacing the dash with a better one from garage stock, discovering a leak and re-soldering the heater matrix pipes, reconnecting the control cables and refitting the lot taking the opportunity to add an oil pressure gauge at the same time. Next the carpets, new stereo and Alfa 156 front seats went in (using a slightly updated mounting method detailed in a later post.)

With the interior finished and space in the garage reclaimed once again I moved onto the mechanical side of things. A few issues noted were the lumpy running, running at temperature but not on the gauge, regularly dispensing all of its ATF onto the garage floor and sticky rear brakes I looked to starting on some of these issues. Having tested the gauge in HaLO and finding it working I ordered a replacement temperature sender and new rear gearbox seal. The sender fixed the temperature issue but the gearbox seals remain in the package as, after further inspection the entire gearbox sump was loose, tightening them seems to have solved it.

That’s about all I have to update for the time being though hopefully I’ll get some more time to continue works soon.