Moo Rebuild - Part 05

Its been another busy week for car work again. I’ve finished under-sealing the body shell and continued to remove odds and ends from the old car. The rear axle, suspension and differential have been moved from the old car in a single section and located under the new shell ready to be attached. The bootlid has also been moved across.

I’d checked the subframe ready to move that across and noticed that it looked like the bolts had no intention of moving so I doused them in a cocktail of WD40 and plus gas for a few days whilst I did other jobs around the car. The bolts shifted eventually and I dropped out the exhaust and rolled the engine, sub-frame and suspension out from under the old shell only to reveal (not really another surprise) a really badly rotten sub-frame. By the end of the year at best, the engine would have been in the road, an aggressive speed bump would’ve made it much sooner.

So again I jumped on ebay to find a replacement which would have been in the £180-£240 region new but managed to snap up a good condition one, complete with arms and front hubs for a whole 99p!