Moo Rebuild - Part 06

Work slowed for a little while over summer as I’ve been quite busy with work and other bits but the past couple of weeks have seen more action. I collected the new subframe and a few other bits.

I managed to remove the headlining from the old shell despite my worries of how hard it may have been. I’ve also removed all the trim, vinyl and remains of the interior, steering column and all. Also continued to pull the servo, pedal units and clutch system from the old shell.

I’ve refitted the back axle and suspension and offered up the exhaust to the new shell. The wiring harness, alarm and stereo wiring, heater matrix, dash, blower unit and other interior bits have been transferred over and the engine has been moved onto the new subframe and along with the gearbox been mounted into the new shell. Its now starting to look a bit like a car again and has 4 corners which make moving it much easier! Based on the photos the car clearly needs the front suspension refitting but it looks like a right little dragster now, could possibly leave it riding low upfront?

During these past few weeks I also rolled my first car! (Picture to follow.) Dont worry, it wasn’t a crash, I just rolled the old shell over to examine exactly how bad the bottom was and boy was it shocking. Really bad rust on the sills and floor pans but even worse was the state of the chassis. The chassis was shot and ultimately taken away for scrap. I managed to catch the final moments of Moo I. It was sad to see a shell in such a bad state but unfortunately there was nothing more I could do to save this one with the limited time and space available to me, however Moo will rise again!