DIY Alloy refurb

As regular readers will be aware, I am something of a tight git. That is to say, I wont spend money if elbow grease will do. With that in mind I have decided to look at restoring the alloys on the 2000 to a nicer state. I know these will never be perfect as a DIY job, but it will be much cheaper than spending £200 to have them done professionally.
The wheels themselves are relatively true and in ok condition with no curbing or real damage so its really just a cosmetic makeover but boy could they use it. As you can see of the four I have a combination of polished bare alloy or rough silver painted wheels. The bare alloys are oxidised whilst the painted ones are less obviously tarnished however the silver is dull and unattractive. The spokes for all of the wheels are in varying degrees of messiness with a lot of the paint flaking away to show yet more oxidisation or some with next to no paint remaining.

I think my plan of attack will be to firstly strip all the paint silver and black. Secondly neutralise the oxidisation and clean the metal surface. Next reapply black paint to the spokes and finally polish and polish again the remaining metal to give a good shine. Thats the plan anyway…