Y Not 2014

After last years great weekend at Y not, myself and the others decided that we’d return for 2014. I was well aware that for me, this years line up was not as good as last years I figured it’d still be a good time. Overall I was right.
By the time I arrived on the Friday evening the others had already been on site for around 24 hours so pitching up was nice and easy as the space was found and saved for us. Having done so we headed over to the main stage to catch some of the remaining acts of the evening. Firstly we caught Razorlight, not one of my favourite but they were okay and they played the couple of songs I actually knew so that helped. We skipped out on the last couple of songs to make our way over to Reel Big Fish, a show I did want to see. This wasn’t a disappointment, I really did enjoy their set and of course the finishing song of Beer and then encore of Take On Me were just as good live as the studio versions. The evening sort of trailed off from this point, we dipped in to a few songs from White Lies who have improved a lot since last I saw them and then to Andrew WK who seems to have made himself on the the strength of Party Hard, so much so that from outside everything else sounded the same.

Saturday was a slower start again, I remember last year trying harder to catch smaller bands in the arena during the day but this year it wasn’t really the same. I think in part it was due to the fact that the group of us hadn’t really caught up in about a year so it was nice just to chill and chat for a while. The only band that we did actually manage to catch were the Fratellis who were average at best, really I spent most of their set photo-bombing almost every photo the group in front of us were taking, much to the enjoyment of the older chap stood just next to us. The Blackout were the only other band we caught and they were as enjoyable as I remembered, also getting a hive five from the vocalist as he weaved through the stage was cool , albeit somewhat childish.

Sunday was all the same again really, we caught a couple of smaller bands during the day and then headed in to catch Newton Faulkner. This is a strange one for me, I have seen him before and enjoy his music but it is somewhat out of my usual musical comfort zone. Again I really enjoyed the set, sang along and did all that stuff. The highlight here though was actually meeting him afterwards as he spent ages chatting to a handful of folks who had happened to stick around after his set was over.

All in all fun was had by all and the weekend was enjoyable however next year hopefully we will be able to catch some more of the smaller bands again and as its the tenth anniversary of the festival, I am really looking forward to a top notch line up.