Project Alfa: The Birth

So here it is, I finally get to unveil the new project. Currently it is only dubbed rather unimaginably as “Project Alpha” for the reasons of tags and post sorting, soon I will come up with some form of catchy and possibly witty permanent project name.
On to the project. I have been saying for quite a while that I wouldn’t mind a track day project. I even considered project Moo as a track runner but that’s a very slow moving job at this point so that possibly won’t happen anytime soon. I had mostly given up on the track project until it was brought to my attention that there was a car sat unused and untouched for a couple of years just waiting for some attention. After a bit of a thought and minor planning, myself and the two other guys involved decided to crack on and collect the new track motor, an Alfa Romeo 156.

All was looking good, the car was nice and tidy on the outside and fairly clean looking with no significant damage so we just needed to load it up and take it home. Did it want to move however? No. Everything was rusted solid, clearly Italy doesn’t have wetness. After a little while and the rather aggressive removal of some break pads the car finally rolled up and onto the trailer. We dropped it at the yard and then left it for the evening.

Next weekend we headed up to the yard and had a good daylight reccy of the vehicle. Noted a broken windscreen, and popped the bonnet for a little under the hood inspection. Easier said than done again. Obviously two years of dirt and misuse seizes the old bonnet release but we got in within the half hour. We removed a bit of sound proofing, gave it a quick clean and made a start of pulling the brakes off to recondition them. So here’s a couple of pics from the first day.

I know the post is a bit all over the place but I’m going to try and document this project a lot more comprehensibly than my others so look out for future posts. The next couple will be covering some advanced rust removal techniques and the brake reconditioning process.

Keep Watching!