Meillionydd 2012 - Week Three

Third week of work finally over. I say week of work but if truth be told it was only really half a week of work. I missed Monday as after being in Bangor for the weekend here seemed like little point driving to site for a day of work before heading back to Bangor again for graduation on the Tuesday so instead I stayed in town and caught up with the parents over dinner.
As I said, Tuesday was mostly occupied by the graduation proceedings which were really cool. I got to wear a swish suit, gown and colours along with a largely impractical mortar-board which got caught on several door frames. Got to shake hands with the chancellor and VC and officially became a graduate, therefore no longer am I a student.

After having the Wednesday off too I was back onsite for a day of digging on the Thursday with very little really happening except regular finds of charcoal deposits which is nice for carbon sampling purposes but infuriating to keep slowing down the dig process only to find no real worthy sized chunks.

Friday and Saturday were also slower days though as these were the official open days I got to give people tours of the site which is always enjoyable. Bringing the archaeology and history of the area to the public.

Not really a whole lot more to say in the week as I only worked half of it. Other worthy events of note though were Maxs birthday night out starting with story telling at the roundhouses before heading to the local pub, and then ending with me looking after a rather ill birthday boy. Saturday night was also a god eventful evening as we traveled into Pwhelli and checked out their club, Blu. Quite a good night was had despite the earlier skeptical thoughts. The night ended with another round of looking after people but that was all good. Then Sunday was a nice beach day before a roast and relaxed evening.
Indiana Jones