Meillionydd 2012 - Week One

Thats right guys, again this year I have managed to secure myself a place on the Meillionydd dig for a second year. Again I shall cover the happening of the dig in all their glory here on Zombie Dinosaurs, though hopefully a little more comprehensively this year. Also the blog will focus more on the dig and probably less on the social and living aspects of the experience though I am sure they will get a mention.
As I post this it is the end of the first full week of work and there is so little to tell really. I am bunked in with Max and the group of Cardiff students in a static caravan (For real this year) joined to a converted garage. Its still not massive but everyone has a bed and its an improvement on last year, though keep watching this space to see just how well I handle living and working in such close quarters with six other people.

In terms of the actual dig, not a whole heap has occurred. The first week is often slow especially where old trenches are being reopened as it generally consists of simply removing all the back fill from last year and digging down to the plastic sheeting that covers the partially excavated remains from last year. For any new trenches the turf has been removed and simple top soil excavation has started. This all sounds very simple but thanks to the welsh weather this has taken way longer than it should have done with some days being complete washouts and the sheer weight of the earth growing as it became wetter and wetter.

Here’s to hoping that week 2 will be more productive and interesting with actual results and new archaeology to excavate.

Indiana Biscuit