End of Year 2 and the Summer Ball

Yup, that’s right guys. I am now reporting to you again from the comfort of my real Midland home, not the Bangor Flat.I’ve only been home for about 7 hours yet somehow I’m already missing some part of Bangor and the folks but on the plus I get to see the family again. Anyways, year two is officially over for me and what a strange year it has been! As you’ll have seen from the numerous posts here on Zombie Dinosaurs, over the year I have attended a few gigs and got a lot more involved in the whole of StormFM all ready for next year which I hope is going to be totally as cool as this past one was.
Really this is just a posting for me to finally chat about the Summer Ball. What-A-Night! Now, I’ve been to proms and balls in the past and its fair to say that they are not really my cuppa tea however the summer ball at Bangor Uni was the complete opposite! I decided as I was going to the ball that I would actually go all out for once and prove all those non-believers out there that I can actually scrub up, I think I managed quite nicely in my pearlescent purple/pink shirt complete with black jacket and black and purple patterned bow tie. The amount of people who were genuinely shocked I can scrub up was nice, even if a little cutting at some points. Anyhow, onto the night. I arrived quite early because of techy stuff with Storm which means I got to see the entire of the Tapas Tuesday set and they were great. They’re a local band from the North Wales area that play some decent indie tunes and covers of the like of the Kings of Leon etc. Definitely check them out.

Next up for me was Feeder, the headliners and the biggest act of the night by far. This performance was plagued by misfortune. As they were about to come on stage, the fire alarms triggered a full evacuation of the venue for the best part of half hour. Once we were all back inside they came on to play a couple of songs before the stage equipment blew leading to another half hour break in their performance. They returned, played quite a few more songs and went to finalize on Buck Rogers, when the equipment blew again however this time it was fixed quite quickly thankfully. Other than these many disruptions I thought they were great, they played quite a few of the tracks from the “Comfort in sound” album which is my fave of theirs, even listened to it in the car home just for the extra effect. Really all I could say about these guys was that “Good things come to those who wait” and I did wait, and they were good, so alls good.

I then took a break from the music and went to do some wondering and socializing and met some great guys and got to get to know some great people better. The night was then capped off with a performance from the UK Foo Fighters, the clues there in the name. These guys were a Foos tribute band. I’d built myself up a little for this that in the hope that I’d have drank more so they’d sound as good as the real thing. Unfortunately I hadn’t and they didn’t. Don’t get me wrong these guys were quite good and seemed to have the singles down to a good performance but it still wasn’t the real thing for me.

That finished the night, I then headed off to get myself a full cooked breakfast and headed to bed around 6am. All in all a massive night and I now can’t wait for the same event, next year!

For next year I hope that it brings great things for all of you who are leaving Bangor finally at this point, Hope that for those of you I only recently met, that we can build on these blossoming relationships and to the rest, I hope to meet a whole stack of new and interesting peeps next year!