Project Moo - Projected Outcome

As many of you readers know, I’m a big classic car nut, like totally obsessed. Well over the period of last summer a new project fell into my ownership through some unforeseeable circumstances. So begins the new “Project Moo”..

I spent a lot of the summer working on the car to get her back on the road in a condition to use as an every day motor. The details and mini blog of the project can be found HERE. Though as stated above, the circumstances changed and as the car is now mine as well, the project has changed direction slightly. Basically I’ve decided that I don’t really need two road cars, Moo is going to become a track day girl.

I’ve been searching around the club forums for a projected outcome and have finally found a picture that is fairly close to how she’ll look when she is done. HERE – The main differences I can predict at this point is that it wont have a sunroof or even the roof vinyl and will have a fully cow printed interior. Don’t ask why, she just will. Its one of those things that has to stay with the car.

So when my exams are finally over and I’m back in Northampton I will finally, hopefully be able to finish the project (Possibly not the paint job though) and actually get her out on some tracks before the end of the year. That’s the plan and I’m excited about it.