Hit The Deck

Yesterday was the big day, the day I’ve waiting for near on a month or so. That’s right it was Hit The Deck day, my musical highlight of the year so far. I decided I’d do a little review for each of the bigger acts that I went to see. As this was a one day festival it was the best way to find some new music and acts I didn’t necessarily know about or have any experience of, hence why these are good reviews and I didn’t bother with the bad ones.
##Tomorrow Brings Giants##
This was a new band to me, obviously one of the smaller acts playing so probably new to many others as well. They were quite good considering though having listened to some studio stuff I would say they are a better studio band at this point but maybe in the future as they get bigger this will improve and I hope they do get somewhere. For those that like proper singing and melody combined with some screaming.

Another new act to me but definitely an excellent live show. Very much a light hearted more pop orientated rock band such as the likes of All Time Low and other such feel good pop-rock bands, very good live show and good studio stuff too, check them out for sure.

##Hyro Da Hero##
I was skeptical of this lot. Chris was big into them but from what he’d said of it being a rap/rock mix kind of didn’t sound too appealing. I was pleasantly surprised though. The best way I could describe these is a sort of cross between Rage Against The Machine and NERD. Different to the rest of the days offerings but generally well received and worth a checkout if you not a single-minded rock head. Ghetto Ambiance is the single worth listening to first.

##Hawk Eye (Formerly Chicken Hawk)##
Possibly another smaller act but definitely worth a mention. The setup didn’t seem great and the levels seemed sketchy so I feel they could’ve sounded better but studio stuff appears to be good.

##Deaf Havana##
I had heard of these guys obviously as I have one or two of their earlier albums. Their sound has however changed since then due to the departure of their screaming vocalist. The show was good and the new content that they played out, although new in sound was still worthy and enjoyable, as well as this they also played the crowd very well and the guest apparently from Young Guns during Friends Like These went down an absolute storm.

##We Are The Ocean##
Good band, good crowd interaction and an all round good show. These are one of those bands I’ve known a while but never actively gone out to listen to, I will now. Not really much more to say on these except that I really enjoyed them.

##The Blackout##
Now this is a band I’ve known about for a while but never actually bothered to listen to anything of theirs. I guess I made a mistake as after seeing them live I realise that they are a really good band that really should go far. Their new single Hope is especially good and has influenced me to definitely buy their new album and pay more attention. I missed the end of their set however to get elsewhere ready for the days highlight.

##Young Guns##
These were the above mentioned highlight and what can I say other than WOW. Its a well known fact that as a rule bands are often either “Studio” bands or “Live” bands but these guys seem to have it all. I was worried that because they are clearly my “Band of the moment” and are rating highly on my favourites list that I had built them up so much and the awesomeness of their album that the live show could’ve been a let down however it really wasn’t. The room was packed and everyone in there was singing, this is a clear show of the popularity of the band. Another good sign was that the live performance was actually giving me chills which is immense. They are easily as amazing live as they are in the studio and I really cannot wait to hear their second offering. Until then, I’ll be reliving their debut and trying to catch them at gigs around and about because are just that amazing.

These are roughly all the bands that stick in my mind and are worth checking out if you don’t already know of them, I know the reviews are all reasonably positive but that’s because there we’re many many bands playing and I couldn’t be bothered to review all those that I saw and because of this, I’d make a terrible journalist.