Moo Rebuild – Part 02

I started work on the car this week. Given the results of the last MOT I’ve decided to start with the bodywork first and that way I can build up to the big technical jobs later.

I stripped down the rear end first, removing the number plate, light clusters, badges and bumpers etc. I then made a start of the wheel arches. The drivers rear wheel arch was very badly rusty with some big holes. I followed these through into the drivers sill. As I continued to inspect the vehicle I found even more rot in the sills. By the time I’d finished beating the rust out (and putting my foot through a sill!) there were no more sills left, inner or outer.

At this point I felt a major sanity check was needed. I took a step back and assessed the situation carefully and called in for a few outside opinions and finally decided that this job was becoming uneconomical and so a new car would be the easiest answer. I decided to settle for a new shell as mechanically the car is pretty sound.

Thankfully, just at the right time, I managed to find a (relatively) tidy shell on ebay (£120 delivered) this evening and also managed to snap up an engine and ancillaries just in case (£17 collected).