A Year In Music – Week 4

This week, albums from Public Enemy, The Beach Boys, Current 93, Huey Lewis and the News and T-Rex…

20. Public Enemy – Yo! Bum Rush the Show (January 26th 1987)          3/10PE-YBRtS
The début album from probably one of the biggest 80’s/90’s hip-hop groups. It seemed to wrong to leave it out and given that this whole thing is supposed to be make me open to new music I thought I’d try. I’ll be honest, I mostly wish I hadn’t really. The first couple of tracks sounded OK and were relatively good old school hiphop, but then the album just seem to sound the same from there to be honest. I think maybe to a die hard hip-hop fan what I’m saying maybe sacrilege but I don’t rate it and I think that’s why it didn’t work for me at all.
Highlights: Megablast shares its title with an awesome track by Bomb The Bass (Hiphop on Precinct 13)?


21. The Beach Boys – 20/20 (January 27th 1969)          6/10BB-2020

Everyone has heard of the Beach Boys, singles such as Good Vibrations or So Tough are well known by all. That is about the extents to my knowledge of the band too, so I wanted to hear more. The album was quite good and easy listening, it is very much as you’d expect. Surf pop rock from a bunch of folks living in California where everything is sandy beaches and palm trees. The album itself was the last with new material from the band for the almost the next 20 years.
Highlights: “Never Learn Not To Love” written by the infamous Charles Manson.


22. Current 93 – Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre (January 28th 1994)          1/10C93-RoSBS

I’ll start by pulling the genre category for these straight from Wikipedia “Apocalyptic folk, experimental music” – This album to me is prog beyond any other, even more Prog than the like of Yes, Rush or Pink Floyd! I chose this one because the band were listed as an Industrial act but this is apparently the bands softest offering and I’m not going to lie, I found it painful. Its a stream-of-consciousness which is just a dreary on-going tone of “almost” poetry and observational musings. I don’t really know what I can say about this, except I will not ever listen to this again. I may try another album from the same artists and make sure its an industrial album but for me this one is finished and for that I am thankful!
Highlights: The End. There are no highlights for me but if you want a taster try searching for “The Teeth of the Winds of the Sea”

23. Huey Lewis and the News – Picture This (January 29th 1982)HL-PT          7/10

Much like the beach boys everyone has heard of Huey Lewis and The News for one reason, the connections with Back to the Future and “The Power of Love.” This album is the bands second offering and is an interesting listen. I was expecting a typical 80s American pop-rock event but instead it presents a sort of cross between blues-rock combined with some heavy soul influences in places. This works really well and considering I am quite partial to a bit of Soul it added a surprise extra component to the music, I’ll definitely listen to some more of these.
Highlights: “Do you Believe in Love” the bands first hit single.


24. T-Rex – Futuristic Dragon (January 30th 1976)          5/10TR-FD

I’ve heard of T-Rex a lot but never really gone out of my to listen to them in any real depth so I took this opportunity. The album was acceptable, I’m not a great fan of Prog as a rule and this album has a little bit too much of that to me. I think the blow was lessened however by Current 93 earlier in the week so it was actually listenable. I could easily put an album on like this in the background just for some sound but I don’t think I’d really go out of my way to listen to this particular offering again though I may look into more work from T-Rex.