Soon To Pastures New

As many of you may know I have been working as a professional archaeologist now for nearly two years. I’ve loved it all, so yes I complained a lot along the years but that’s all just needless moaning really as when I finally get a decent site, it does make it all so much worthwhile. As much as I’ve enjoyed it, the commute and travel hasn’t really been ideal and so I decided to look for something new.

Somehow I managed to get an interview and then somehow I managed to secure a new job. I’m still not really sure how but hey, I did so that’s great! I still can’t really believe that in a couple of days I’ll be leaving one place to start something new in another, something almost completely new. It’s a hell of step for me too but I’m really looking forward to the new places, the new people and definitely for the new challenges.

To the future.