Linkin Park – The Hunting Party

Big promises from Linkin Park regarding their latest offering but how does it measure up…

As many of you many well know, Linkin Park are near enough my favourite band and it has been said that many think I can say no bad against them. I don’t think this is true, it is just that until this point there has not really been anything negative to say.

The Hunting Party itself however pains me in some way. The band themselves made a big thing of saying that this album was to be heavier and rockier than before. I think this in part due to the mixed receptions of Thousand Suns and the not so stunning reviews of Living Things. These were albums were musically really far out from the by-gone days of their Nu-Metal roots and this hadn’t settled particularly well with some of their fans I feel. This coupled with the bands feeling of age and the thought that their music should reflect this has led them to move back to a more stereotypical rock sound, less concept orientated.

These statements had promised such great things knowing just how good Hybrid Theory and Meteroa were as albums however on the arrival of the first single, I felt somewhat under whelmed. Unfortunately this wasn’t only reserved for the single but also the album as a whole. I can’t really say what is missing but something really is. Each of the main tracks could easily be one of the others, there is nothing that separates them musically or vocally I feel. The drums also sound almost the same on each song and if you try, without too much difficulty the words of some songs fit into others with only a simple change in tempo.

As it goes although I really wanted to like this album, I don’t see it being one of those that I will be listening to again in six months time. Hopefully however this will serve as a stepping stone back to the promised rock sound and that the next album will be back on top form.