Hey Guys,
So here’s the thing, I’m out of practice at reviewing flicks and even blogging so I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things starting off with a quick review of Skyfall without too many spoilers and then try and find some more stuff to blog about in the next month.


To start with, let me point out that the last Bond film that I actually saw was Goldeneye which came out back in 1995 so the franchise may have changed a little since then. I expected a film with several sketchy sexual references, a bit of womanizing, some car chases, an over the top villain, crazy gadgets and some over the top action scenes. It would appear that the franchise hasn’t changed much (Unless the films between 1995 and present are significantly different.) which in my opinion is a good thing, because those features make a definitive Bond film.

Skyfall was a surprise for me as I thoroughly enjoyed the film and actually was impressed with Craigs portrayal of the Bond character. The film ticked most of the per-mentioned boxes however it didn’t match them all. I wasn’t overly impressed by the introduction of the new Q character which was almost entirely the opposite of the old character and was reasonably upset by the lack of gadgetry in the film though this was quickly made up for by the reintroduction of the DB5, complete with original registration plate (Yes, I recognised it.)

My only other minor gripe with the film was that the house (You’ll understand if/when you’ve seen it.)  really didn’t look old enough to have been built before or even during the reformation as stated in the movie so the presence of the priest hole was a bit unlikely, but then again as the entire building was constructed out of plywood and plaster then hey, what the hell it could have had one.

As the film has only been out for a day or so, I cant really go into much more detail about the plot or ending as that would ruin it for those that have yet to watch it. I’ll just end on saying that old fans of the franchise wont be disappointed by the film and based on the reception of my friends those who know only the newer films will also enjoy it.