General Update..

Hey Guys,
As some of you may have noticed, it’s been a little while since there has been any proper content here on Zombie Dinosaurs. It’s been a busy few weeks to say the least is probably the main reason for this. As regular readers will know, I graduated as an Archaeologist back in July, since then I have since managed to land myself in my first commercial archaeology job.

I’ll be honest it’s quite different from the training digs of university. The actual digging and recording is much the same but the general atmosphere and management of sites is very different. On the uni digs I have attended and seen it feels reasonably laid back and easy going, this is very different on a commercial site as the project is obviously being run as a business venture with the aims of keeping costs down and profits up whilst also trying to get as much done as is possible in a limited period of time which can occasionally cause a little more of a strained atmosphere at some stages but otherwise everything is pretty much the same deal.

Alongside the actual digging I have also now gained experience in new post-excavation processing stuff and also learnt a lot more in my area of particular interest, geophysical surveys. The actual process of doing the GPR surveys is fairly tedious as it involves walking up and down a field with the machine and no metal on your person (Mp3s, phones etc are all no gos) which can make it a bit dull though it does give me time to think about little projects, plans and life in general whilst pottering along.

Anyhows, this was only really meant to be a quick token post to update you guys on whats been happening and share why the content has been minimal of late. It is my hope that now I have a job with an income, that I will be able to afford more. Meaning I can buy new things for my projects, go to the cinema, buy more films and music to review and generally just actually do and experience more stuff worth writing about. Heres to hoping.
– Biscuit