Beyond the Dissertation..

Yep, thats right guys.As some of you may know, I finally completed my dissertation, got it all bound and submitted it.¬†Granted it wasn’t as easy as I’ve just mad eit sound in that one quick sentence but against the odd, I got there eventually. I can certainly tell you it was in no way perfect but it was a good attempt.

I have my usual gripe with the principle of a “Dissertation” as I do with exams. You are expected to get it perfect first time. Granted exams are a very “on the spot” shine with dissertations being compiled over a longer period of time but the marking principle remains the same. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. I wonder if when books are published, if the authors have one shot to get it perfect and send it away or whether they are picked apart by proofreaders and editors before the final article arrives?¬†Ah well, there’s nothing I can do about that and as the work has been submitted there is no point worrying about the imperfections and mistakes now.

So anyways, handing the dissertation in was a massive emphasis on the point that my time at Bangor university is sharply coming to a close. The countdown to the end now is only punctuated by two essays of 3000 and 4000 words (Seemingly nothing after the 10,000 words of dissertation) and a pair of exams. Its strange to think that in less than 20 days, three years of my life will effectively be over (Not accounting for the copious celebrations and farewells that will occur in the fortnight following the official end.)

It’s been long and sometimes hard work leaving me genuinely looking forward to getting out in to the real world and finally turning my back on education for at least a few years. Granted I’ll miss some elements of the life, but on-wards and upwards to brighter skies and greener pastures.