The Future..

So recently over the past few days I’ve been surfing the web like you idly jumping from page to page, however for a change it wasn’t between pictures of cats with bad grammar or tumblr posts of song lyrics, no it actually had a little bit of purpose.

I have found the perfect job as summarised here :-
The applicant will have a degree in Archaeology, an understanding of landscape development; GIS, data collection, analysis, report production and management as well as the study of historic maps and documents. The work will involve extensive use of GIS and databases with a focus on characterising, digitally mapping and evaluating historic dimension of the landscape. Experience in this field is essential.

Whilst I don’t strictly have full experience, I have worked with most of these on a site and the majority of these skills form my dissertation, if only we were 6 months from now when I’d finished uni, have a little more site experience and be able to apply…

Alongside this discovery of the ideal job, I even managed to find some lovely houses for prices I could afford to sort out like mortgages on. Found some lovely 2-3 bed semi all complete with driveways and garages. Perfect places to call my own with space for the motors and all the spares too.

Again its a pity we aren’t a few months down the line when I could possibly do something about it all. Whilst it is all quite pointless looking now, it has made me realise that by the end of the year I will properly be out of uni and if all goes to plan, will be living a new life doing ex1actly what I’ve always dreamed of, that is of course if I don’t go traveling first because then it ill be in a year or so but the point still stands. Scary Stuff!!