Year Three, Part One.

Thats it. The end of the first chapter of my third and possibly final year in Bangor, and my what a chapter it’s been. The past three or four months have been littered with up’ and down’s, crazy goings on and way too many distractions.

I suppose I should first have a little think and review of my actual academic activities, after all that is why I am at uni in the first place. Anyway, by now I should have nicely got a the majority of my dissertation research and field work done and dusted and began the big write up.. I haven’t however, I have done very little of this indeed. I concentrated on the module at hand and did the essays and readings for those as much as possible but just didn’t do anything with my dissertation yet.. Oops?

Storm is another big part of my uni life at the moment, perhaps too big of a part to be brutally honest. Yes, I enjoy and yes, I knew all this when I volunteered for it so I only have myself to blame however it does seem endless. There have been very few highlight where things have gone just how I wanted them too hitch free and this has been quite disheartening at times. Will this change and will things improve, only time will tell.

As I sit at home now, relaxing and just taking it easy, enjoying the company of family and the prospect of earning a few pennies whilst I’m in town that I realise, that’s really about all I have to report on for my first semester of third year. Not a whole lot I know but I guess that’s probably the biggest problem I’ve had this semester, I haven’t done as much as I should have. I suppose as I’m typing this I really am thinking hard about what the next semester will bring with it and maybe also realising that this is my last chance to sort out those priorities. I’ve screwed up in the past far too many times by allowing the less important overshadow the more important and I really shouldn’t let myself fall for it again…

We will see what the next semester brings