Happy New Year – Resolutions and such..

Yep that’s right, the new year is dawning.¬†Right about now people world wide are wasting their time trying to think of a “New Years Resolution” – Not something I ever really bother with as more often than not they tend to be superficial, shallow and relatively non-quantifiable.

Examples include. This year I will….

“Quit Smoking” – What takes 365 days to do this? I know several people who did this in a day and haven’t gone back since. What takes so long?
“Get Fit” – What’s fit, how fit?
“Lose Weight” – How much weight, 1lb in a year or 10 stone by Easter?

Nope, I won’t be making any poorly judged resolutions that last until the end of the festive season when they seemingly get forgotten and shrugged off. Instead I set myself little aims and objectives for the year to come, stuff that I hope to achieve by the end of the year, in a clear and precise way. These are:

  • Complete my year at uni and leave with a respectable level degree. A 2.1 at worst. (Get my head down, ignore distractions and do the work.)
  • Make better use of the time I have and stop wasting it sitting around and sleeping. ¬†(Sort out my sleeping pattern and organise my time better. By Easter.)
  • Get into a healthy state. (Gain enough weight over the year to put my BMI at a healthy level. Be it just fatter or more built, either works. By Summer)

I wanted to make some more for after Uni but as it is still a little unclear at this point where that path will lead me, it is difficult to make any proper aims for that at this point.

Anyways, here’s to a not too bad 2011 and hopefully the same again for 2012, Happy New Years and remember folks.
Live every day like it’s your last, especially this year as rumour has it they very well maybe…