Seven Sins, Seven Days

So I was happily just chatting away and made a joke about how you could easily go seven days, commit every “sin” and do it without harming anyone that didn’t deserve it an amazing week for me. This is what happens when I need a break from work, this sort of life changing discovery is made.

Envy – Getting upset when someone else has biscuits and I don’t.
Pride – When I’ve made biscuits and they’re clearly better than anyone elses.
Greed –¬†Buy a shop loads of biscuits and don’t let anyone else have them.
Sloth – Laying in bed all day eating above biscuits and doing nothing else.
Gluttony – Eating a ton of biscuits.
Lust – Clearly loving the biscuits I do have.
Wrath – Just see what happens when someone tries stealing a biscuit.
Clearly some days overlap and actually encompass two sins which makes them even more appealing but it looks like a good week to me. Anyways back to proper work I guess now.