HM ePetitions

The e-petitions site is finally back in service. This means that we can sign and petitions the big wigs running the countries with the issues that matter most to you. Here are a couple I myself am supporting:

Freeze Fuel Duties – Freeze fuel tax and impose an effective watchdog to stop the price of fuel rising through competition between vendors and supply companies.
Restore Tax Exemption – Restore a rolling 30 year tax exemption system for classic vehicles as they aid recycling and don’t pollute any where near as much as these modern guzzlers or even electric car production!
Self Defense in Homes – Restore the ability to defend yourself fairly on your property.
Compulsory Financial Education – Teach kids how to manage finances, maybe boring for them but would be of more use than something like x=y stuff.
Keep F1 Free to AirĀ  – Stop the new pay to view for Formula One, it’s been free until now so why suddenly change it?

As always these views are mine and don’t necessarily reflect those of you guys.