I’ve been thinking over the past few days at what the future is going to be like for people younger than myself.

When I was growing up I used to love helping my Dad work on cars and computers and used to really enjoy helping out the grand-dads in their sheds doing woodwork and generally tinkering. I always used to help them all doing DIY as well which I suppose was where my hands-on curiosity of how and why things work has stemmed from. As a kid I was constantly dismantling and reassembling all manner of things to try and work out why it did or didn’t work and to learn more about. This is where my real thoughts come into play. I see my younger family members varying from 10 or more years younger than me and don’t see that element of curiosity. They don’t want to learn how cars or computers work. They don’t want to help with the DIY or build things or do any of those sort of tasks and I wonder why?

Was I some sort of special case of a child that never grew out of this? I still constantly disassemble computers, still run and maintain several classic cars and often keep up with the DIY around the home. I look at my younger family and they don’t have this desire. Are we breeding new super-lazy kids that take everything for granted? What will they do when the car doesn’t work anymore, or the computer breaks? Call up a special man to come fix it all. What has happened to the curiosity that I used to have as a kid, where did that generation go. Was it just me or were there other people of my age with the same mindset and