Eurovision Preview

The years most important musical event throughout Europe is fast approaching. Thats right guys, Eurovision is on Saturday Night! This means that the best part of what is probably four hours now, (As they keep adding countries) of my Saturday night will now be consumed by an interesting “variety” of musical performances. Heres my quick list of those to listen out for. …

Azerbaijan – Possibly the best I’ve heard of the lot so far, not sure why but its good.
Belarus – These people clearly aren’t taking it seriously.
Israel – I didn’t even know this was in the EU! Good entry though, kinda of reminds me of classic early 90s dance song.
Hungary – Similar sound to the above.
Georgia – Sort of a rocky above.
Albania – General catchy tune.
Lithuania- This sounds like a Disney song
Latvia – Heavier Eurovision stereotype.
United Kingdom – Sound like every other Blue song.
Belgium – Just for a giggle.
Slovakia – Sound like S-Club 7

Pre-final thoughts.

  • Has half of Europe only just discovered early 90s dance music,
  • Lots of English spoken entries.
  • Who let Blue and Jedward in, I thought acts weren’t supposed to be famous or on labels already?