Eurovision Review

For any of my many Twitter followers, much of this will be a recollection of the night for you all as I was furiously tweeting away throughout the entire event. Before the start, as with my previous posting Previewing the competition I had decided that I had odds on Azerbaijan to win. So I decided to shout, cheer and otherwise wholly support this country. Quick Fact: For those of you that don’t know, Azerbaijan is located in the extreme of Eastern Europe and is the largest of the countries in the border between Europe and Asia (Eurasia).

On with the show! Now I decided to watch the contest in Bar Uno with members of the Storm team and a whole crowd of other students, so the majority of the time, I could barely even hear what was going on but all was well. A couple of quick overall comments are that I personally want Sir Terry back as Graham Norton has nowhere near the same edge or dry wit that Terry used to bring to the show. Also this years show had a big percentage of English entries, which was quite nice to see as it meant in my ignorance, I could understand them.

If I’m honest the first comments didn’t really happen until 7 songs in. The first handful were fairly non eventful and where just your usual Eurovision pap. Next up however was Hungary who I felt definitely had some potential mostly due to fact that their song was easily the catchiest of the entire show and that is sounds like a 1990s dance song. Following this was another handful of not really that amazing songs with dodgy costumes and non-event dances until we came to the United Kingdom. (Yes I have glossed over Ireland’s entry as everyone, everywhere should.)

It was at this point that we realized we could actually load up the Sing-a-long version of the show and so we did, not that anybody really sang along, but it did help to try and guess what was being sung. The UK entry was poor at best in my view. I was never a big Blue fan, being a late 80s kid raised on my parents music I was never really gone on the 90s boy band pop music. I didn’t mind a couple of their singles All-rise etc but I would never say I liked them. Well that band, they split up, a while back. Well they reformed and tried to be that “Boy-band” again but all I saw was a group of very not “Boy”ish gents trying to be back in the 90s pop scene again but the problem is, that scene died. A while ago. They should have stayed split up and stuck with their separate projects, such as Plus One. (A channel 4 sitcom which is very good, check it out)

The Moldavian entry was the next to deserve a mentions. Not really based upon their musical entry but instead for the fact they all had massive pointy hats and had unicycles and all sorts going on. It was quite a cool circus show. Its a song contest though..

This lead us to Germany. Last years winner entering a second time. She should’ve stuck to one. I cant help but get the feeling she was trying hard to be all seductive and sexy and this contest is for songs and this one was very much found to be wanting.

We shuffled through a couple more songs and finally came to the highlight of the night for me, Azerbaijan. I have no idea why this song is so amazing to me but its quite beautiful and I love it properly. Looking back, I’m so glad they one and stuff just because it solidifies my musical judgement as amazing.

Another couple of non event songs, leading in to Spain which was a monumental non-event so much so that it need to be mentioned for being so amazingly stereotypical Eurovision and unimaginative, this was followed by Ukraine who’s singer was branded as their answer to Avril Lavigne. Now the act was good and the background was no massive show, just some very impressive sand art work. If however she was Ukraine’s answer to Avril, they clearly need to revisit the question. The song itself though, was quite beautiful and full of feeling as well as being well sung and powerful. This again was followed by another more “showy” performance by Serbia. I cant really comment on the musical style but the entirety of the costumes and setup was a very 1960s look. Old school.

This lead us into the final act. I investigated all the acts before hand but had somehow forgotten about this one, the entry was quite cool, it was easily the heaviest entry and was like a cross between old Linkin Park, Within Temptation and some other bands of the type all mixed it to one with a lower budget.

Thus end the musical performance and now onto the truly comedic period of the night, the voting. I was hoping for an Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Georgia top three. The voting started out really well with the first country to vote (Russia) giving their 12 to Azerbaijan. A lot of other countries then voted and the really surprising part was that the UK were actually getting real worthy points.

We had to sit through the usual 12 pointers from Cyprus to Greece and Germany to Austria. The votes continued until the UK gave a full 12 points to Ireland, there were many problems here but we’ll ignore those. I didn’t reckon Ireland would return those though, nope, they gave us 6. The voting rolled on even more until Sweden decided to pull out one of the Alien Nordic Dudes from Dude wheres my car to give their votes, that was quite amusing. Finally, the umpteen way too many countries all voted and Azerbaijan actually tipped the 200 point score table. Ukraine and Georgia ended up 4th and 9th respectively so my judgement wasn’t too bad considering. Ireland came 8th and even beat the UK who ended at 11.

Not the greatest review but as is always the case, more so nowadays as the voting gets longer and more drawn out that I lose interest. Massive massive congrats to Azerbaijan though, I will be visiting this country one day now on the principal that I supported them so passionately I feel I must go!