Moment of Clarity

So recently I’ve been on a bit of a low, wondering why I’m even bothering with university and just wanting to leave and travel some then work out my life from there. But today I went on a field trip to York. One of the attractions we visited was Yorvik Dig. This is basically a hands on place for kids to learn about archaeology.

The setting doesn’t sound like that which you’d expect from a ground breaking life altering moment does it. Well it wasn’t. It was more just a reintroduction to such a moment.

When I was there, digging with the plastic trowel in the fake soil guaranteed to find some bones it dawned on me that those thoughts were just plain stupid. Yes I want to travel after Uni but that’s after, because as I was sifting through some rubber compound uncovering a so called Viking burial I realised, I’ve never wanted to do anything but that.

The idea of being an archaeologist has been life’s ambition since as long as I can recall, possibly even since I could talk. I realised the events of the past year had made me forget that and had caused me to loose track of who I really am and who I really want to be.

Well today folks, that all came back and I feel glad of the fact.

Dont get me wrong I’m still going to mess with computers, build cars, surf, snowboard and do student radio all the same but they will always just be hobbies not a career.