So I guess its normal that on your birthday you have that quiet time of introspective thought and reminiscing on the past is just natural right. I guess its just some form of self gratification to look back on the things you’ve lived through and done after all, the solid memories are those of the good times and the better times.

As I sat there, feet up on my desk with a warm brew cupped in my hands I set to remembering those good times and better times. It was at this point when I realized just how much Scouting is part of my life. I live it, I breathe it, I am it.

I cant really express how much it means to me as a person and how much it has given me. The only real way I can express how much it means to be is a fairly gloomy and jaded recollection. Through out my school life, being a scout got me bullied and beaten up on many occasions but never once did I ever consider stopping. It would just never happen.

I look back over the years, the different units I attended as I grew through them and the people I’ve met. The lifelong friends I’ve made, lessons I’ve learnt and the leaders who are all too committed for their good that I’ve looked up to for so long and I just cant imagine the kind of person I’d be without them all.

I guess it also stand to reason that with all this reminiscing and passing of the years that at this point you look forward as well, and try and visualize your self in the years to come.

I hope with all my heart that I become one of those overly committed leaders, a teacher and influence to the future generations and a friend to a great many more people helping to form a great many more experiences and memories along the way.

I guess maybe it is some massive coincidence, or fate if your into that sort of thing that I was born on February 22nd. The same day as Baden Powell, the founder of scouting and as a result, worldwide Thinking day (Scouting and Guiding Day)……


Biscuit. iScout.