Repo! The genetic opera VS Repomen

Yeah, that’s right ladies and gents. This is now my first film related posting. So the other day in town I finally got my hands on Repo! The Genetic Opera (Herein Repo!) and Repomen at very amicable prices which is nice. I then went home and did a little reading and watched them. Opera first, Hollywood movie second. Now if you know of the films, you may know of the controversy surrounding the Hollywood film apparently being a “ripoff” from the opera. Well, here is my piece on why I don’t think that is the case. If you don’t know the films, there are probably spoilers on here.

So the Genetic Opera is basically a story of realization for the main girl when she learns that her father has been keeping her ill and prisoner in her own home to “protect” her after the mother died at his hands, though it wasn’t him. Also he keeps her prisoner so she cannot learn of his career as a Repoman.

In Repomen, the story follows a Repoman as he collects organs which have not been paid for, he is injured and is given a replacement organ without his consent, he then lapses on payments and has to outrun his fellow Repomen. The film ends on a twist that I thought hit harder than a truck.

So is Repomen a rip of the Repo!? Both are dystopian futures where organs can be replaced but at a massive price. If payments aren’t kept up to date the Repoman comes and rips it right back out again. That is as far as I can see where the similarity ends. Both have very different stories, conclusions and under lying messages.

As far as I can see, it is wholly possible that it can be coincidental for two films to come out a year apart and be entirely unrelated. Apparently Repossession Mambo, on which Repomen is based is a rip of Repo! too however I don’t think it is possible to write, publish, convert to script, film and edit a title inside of such a short period of time in order to justify that a reason to show its old ideas. I saw on another posting on the subject with this analogy. “For every Armageddon, there’s a Deep Impact. For every Volcano, a Dante’s Peak” I think here we have the same thing. Two different people with a similar idea at the same time.

Maybe these similar ideas are just a product of the world we live in where such organ replacement in future are a very real possibility and everyone is out to make money so the two will undoubtedly fall hand in hand.

Either way, if you get the chance go out and by both the films and give them a watch. I personally preferred the Repomen but did still enjoy the Repo! Genetic Opera.

Film Critic Biscuit