Mystery Men

Ok so the film is a little bit older now as it was released in 1999. Ive always thought when I’ve seen it in TV guides and online sites that it seems to always receive a fairly mediocre rating which, after watching it again last night feel is perhaps a little unfair.

Basically for those of you who haven’t seen it and don’t know the story the film centers around a group of fairly pants superheroes who have to step up their game in order to rescue the cities real superhero who has been captured and imprisoned.The film follows the progressions of the team as they go about recruiting new members, learning the values of teamwork and defeating the bad guys.

Yeah so the story sounds fairly simple but what do you expect from a light hearted super hero comedy such as this. You only have to look at the cover to see if its a comedy and if that doesn’t give it away then cast members such as Ben Stiller, Eddie Izzard and Kel Mitchell should make it inescapably clear.

Its a good all round family film and is packed with little gags and laughs that aren’t always as obvious as you’d expect.So if one day you feel like throwing on a flick just to chill some. I would definitely recommend the Mystery Men, a very under rated movie.

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