DIY Alloy refurb
Reading time: 1 min

As regular readers will be aware, I am something of a tight git. That is to say, I wont spend money if elbow grease will do. With that in mind I have decided to look at restoring the alloys on the 2000 to a nicer state. I know these will never be perfect as a DIY job, but it will be much cheaper than spending £200 to have them done professionally.

Rhodes - The medieval city
Reading time: 4 min

The story of the most expensive holiday of my life to date. A trip to the beautiful island of Rhodes. I’ve never really been a great diary keeper, or blogger (as I’m sure you all know) so I’m going to try and act all Travel Author for a little while just to document my experiences. This is partially for you guys to enjoy and also so when I’m old, I can look back and it saves me forgetting the details. I’m going to start small with this one holiday and then, perhaps it will become a more regular thing (or at least as regular as my travel).

Cheapskate Gamer
Reading time: 5 min

Gaming means you need all the latest hardware right? Not necessarily, check out this respectable sub £200 gaming machine. As many of you guys are probably aware by now, I’m not a big fan of parting with my hard earned cash where I can help it by I do like my PC and I do like gaming. This combination has needless to say lead to some issues and internal conflicts, do I spend big for a solid gaming-beast or do I stay cheap and see what I can build custom for a smaller outlay. Well, my cheapskate side won out as ever and instead of going all out and buying some pre-built gaming machine, I decided that having head a good few months off work and being short on cash as a result I would instead build my own rig as best I could for a small fee.

Y Not 2014
Reading time: 2 min

After last years great weekend at Y not, myself and the others decided that we’d return for 2014. I was well aware that for me, this years line up was not as good as last years I figured it’d still be a good time. Overall I was right.